To make it easier to receive coaching for ADHD, I’ve researched coaches who provide telephone and virtual coaching for ADHD in Australia. In this article, you can learn more about Michele Toner PhD, an ADHD coach and consultant in Perth coaching clients around the world.

Michele Toner PhD – ADHD Coach in Perth

ADHD Coaches don’t provide medical advice, and you should always consult a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. However, working with a coach like Dr Michele Toner can help improve the lives of those with ADHD, their family members, coworkers and friends.

Dr Toner coaches people with ADHD across Australia and around the world, either face-to-face, or via video. She has a PhD and a Master of Special Education in the area of ADHD.

Dr Michele Toner ADHD Coach and Consultant in Perth

Michele Toner PhD – ADHD Coach and Consultant in Perth

As the former President of ADHD Western Australia (Formerly known as LADS) Michele has improved the lives of people across Australia and around the world through her work coaching, consulting and advocating for those with ADHD.

Her Masters thesis, entitled “Adults with ADHD; Living in Chaos and Striving for Control”, explored the lives of adults with ADHD who were undiagnosed as children. The PhD thesis investigated the experiences of university students diagnosed with ADHD, identifying strategies to help them with their studies and personal lives as they went through various “Stages of Developing Empowerment”.

Michele is passionate about helping people of all ages with ADHD to achieve their goals, and to change their lives for the better. She also works hard to educate others about ADHD. Sought after as a speaker at conferences and public functions, Michele inspires professionals and members of the general public to learn more about ADHD, and to support those with the diagnosis.

Dr Toner is available for coaching and consulting on ADHD face-to-face, online and over the phone. To learn more about her services, please visit: