To make it easier to receive coaching for ADHD, I’ve researched coaches who provide telephone and virtual coaching for ADHD in Australia and around the world. In this article, you can learn more about Jack O’Toole, an ADHD Coach and founder of ADHD Solution.

Jack O'Toole ADHD Coach and Founder of ADHD Solution

ADHD Coaches don’t provide medical advice, and you should always consult a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. However, working with a coach like Jack O’Toole can help improve the lives of those with ADHD, their partners and spouses, family members, coworkers and friends.

Jack O’Toole provides ADHD coaching through his business, ADHD Solution, where he offers coping mechanisms and skills to help people with ADHD survive and thrive.

Jack O'Toole – ADHD CoachA biomedical graduate with an Honours in Neuroscience research from the University of Melbourne, Jack develops practical approaches to ADHD that blend scientific research with spiritual practices. In addition to his ADHD coaching, Jack is a certified life coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher and breath-work facilitator.

Through his own journey with ADHD, Jack came to see it as a “complicated blessing” rather than a curse. Learning how to focus and direct his energy allowed Jack to achieve his goals, including appearing on the television shows Australian Ninja Warrior and Australia’s Got Talent.

After coaching other entrepreneurs and businesspeople, Jack discovered that they often had ADHD too – despite their high levels of success. Intrigued, he characterised their strategies and synthesised those with his own personal discoveries. Jack then founded ADHD Solution to share these skills and techniques that enable people with ADHD to achieve peak performance in their lives.

Jack takes the time to understand each client’s unique “ADHD fingerprint”. Then, he develops a set of strategies and helps each person create support networks to achieve greater success in their life. Jack coaches his clients to view their ADHD as an asset, rather than a liability. This positive approach builds self-confidence to help those with ADHD take positive steps towards their goals.

Primarily coaching clients in Melbourne, Jack also provides telephone and virtual coaching services for those with ADHD in Australia. To learn more about his services, please visit: ADHD Solution.