Title: All You Need is Less

Author: Vicki Vrint

Genre: Productivity

Author’s Website: Summersdale (Book Publisher’s Page on Vicki Vrint)

Available at: Amazon

Dr Perera’s Rating:

While organisation proves to be elusive for many people, Vicki Vrint starts from the simple premise that having less stuff makes it easy to stay organised in her book, All You Need is Less: Minimalist Living for Maximum Happiness.

The book itself is small, following the edict on its cover. Inside, you’ll find great set of tips and ideas for not only organising things, but your thoughts as well. The book covers a range of topics including how to minimise clutter, stress less, reduce screen time, shop sustainably and make the most of ‘me’ time.

Vrint’s book can be especially useful for those with ADHD who are seeking a simple and practical guide to help eliminate distractions with a secondary benefit of having a cleaner home.