To make it easier to receive therapy for ADHD, I’ve researched psychologists that provide therapy for adults with ADHD in Australia. In this article, you can learn more about Dr Mary Castellani, an Adult ADHD Psychologist practicing at the Inner North Centre for Mental Wellbeing.

ADHD Psychologists don’t prescribe medication, and you should always consult a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. However, working with a therapist like Dr Mary Castellani can help improve the lives of those with ADHD.

Dr Castellani provides therapy for adults suffering with ADHD and other mental illnesses at the Inner North Centre for Mental Wellbeing, where she offers a range of therapies to help individuals manage cognitive difficulties and achieve greater mental health and wellbeing.

Dr Mary Castellani – ADHD PsychologistWith an extensive background as a neuropsychologist, working in research and clinical settings since 2010, Dr Castellani’s work has focused on memory and learning with a specific focus on helping adults with attentional difficulties including ADHD. She takes a holistic view of mental health, recognizing how anxiety and depression can co-occur with cognitive difficulties such as ADHD, impacting overall wellbeing and requiring tailored therapeutic approaches.

In addition to her work with individuals, Dr Castellani also provides psychological support for caregivers, including helping them to understand behavioural changes that may occur in neurodegenerative diseases. She also facilitates group interventions for ADHD and mental health recovery at The Melbourne Clinic.

Dr Castellani describes her therapeutic style as ‘collaborative, open and sharing’. The goal of her therapy is to support those she treats, providing them greater control over their wellbeing with a focus on outcomes that align with each person’s values. Dr Castellani’s therapeutic approaches include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT); Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness-based approaches.

To schedule an appointment to work with Dr Castellani, visit the Inner North Centre for Mental Wellbeing website.