Drug Addiction in Sri Lanka

Drug Addiction in Sri Lanka

“A great book for all Sri Lankans in view of the increasing menace of the problem and written by experts in the field.” -Dr Hasantha Hettiarachchi, Journalist, TV Presenter and Director ITN

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Edited by Dr Perera and Howard Ross-Parker, Drug Addiction in Sri Lanka is intended for anyone interested in understanding the many problems related to addiction. It is a useful primer for students learning about drug addictions, as well as for teachers and clinicians working in the field. It is also for those personally battling with addictions or helping someone dealing with these demons.

The problems caused by addiction are having a deep impact on society. In the book, the authors present a broad perspective of the problems related to chemical addictions. The book outlines a holistic approach in the process of helping not only the individual, but others involved in their care.

The work provides an overview of the drug problem and explains the biological, psychological and cultural influences. Leading experts in their respective fields have drawn on current research, available data, and have provided illustrative narratives.

The book includes preventative measures to combat the introduction of drugs to schoolchildren.

Colombo Medical Faculty Publishers

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