Video 1 – Instructions on Filling Forms

Please download and complete the forms below prior to your appointment. The following video will guide you through filling the forms.

You may bookmark this page in your web browser to access these videos and forms directly without entering your email.

Video 2 – After Your Appointment

There are some important considerations for managing your health and taking medication following your appointment. In addition to the Prescription Information form below, the video below provides helpful guidance.

Please note this video provides general instructions, you will have received specific guidance during your appointment.

Patient Forms

The Tests and Medical Information form should be completed with your GP, along with any necessary tests prior to your appointment.

Once you have completed the forms, please email them to Dr Perera or bring them with you to your first appointment.

Thank you for completing these forms, it will make your first session more productive.

Download PDF - Dr Mahendra Perera 1. REGISTRATION
Download PDF - Dr Mahendra Perera 2. ISSUES AND BACKGROUND
Download PDF - Dr Mahendra Perera 3. TESTS AND MEDICAL INFORMATION
Download PDF - Dr Mahendra Perera 4. ADHD SELF-REPORT SCALE
Download PDF - Dr Mahendra Perera 5. PRESCRIPTION INFORMATION
Download PDF - Dr Mahendra Perera 6. PRIVACY CONSENT

Travelling to Dr Perera

Dr Perera’s office is in Specialist Suite 5 at The Melbourne Clinic.The Melbourne Clinic address is 130 Church Street. The main entrance to Melbourne Clinic is off Tweedie place and Specialist Suite 5 is on Bromham Place for which you need to come on Tweedie Place and turn left.

Please see the map further below. This is the easiest approach due to the one-way streets and the fact that these are small streets. If you have any problems locating the suite, please check in at the Main reception off Tweedie Place.

For further instructions on travelling by car or public transportation, please download the PDF directly below.

Download PDF - Dr Mahendra Perera TRAVELLING TO DR PERERA