Title: Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD

Author: Susan Pinksy

Genre: Productivity

Author’s Website: Organizationally Yours

Available at: Amazon

Dr Perera’s Rating:

Keeping your home, office and activities organised can pose a challenge for those with ADHD. As a professional organiser, and parent of a child with ADD, Susan Pinsky brings her industry experience and a personal touch to organising for those with ADHD in her book, Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD.

Her book is filled with practical tips that are – not surprisingly – well organised by the type of room and task. There are tips for organising your home and office, as well as how to manage time more effectively.

When addressing the topic of organising one’s space, much of Pinsky’s philosophy centers on simplifying and making it easy to access items. This approach separates her work from other organisational approaches which may require additional steps and methodologies that can make organisation more difficult for those with ADHD.

By keeping things simple and clearly explaining with photographs and testimonials from adults with ADHD, Pinsky’s book also makes for an easy read. I recommend it for those who have struggled with other organisation methods, and are seeking a more compassionate approach.