To make it easier to receive coaching for ADHD, I’ve researched coaches who provide telephone and virtual coaching for ADHD in Australia and around the world. In this article, you can learn more about Susie Hopkins, an ADHD Coach and founder of Lilo Wellness.

Susie Hopkins ADHD Coach Lilo Wellness ADHD Coaches don’t provide medical advice, and you should always consult a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. However, working with a coach like Susie Hopkins can help improve the lives of those with ADHD, their partners and spouses, family members, coworkers and friends.

Susie Hopkins provides ADHD coaching and stress management for individuals and organisations at Lilo Wellness, where she offers mindfulness practices, online courses, and one-on-one coaching to achieve greater wellbeing.

Susie Hopkins ADHD Coach and Founder of Lilo Wellness With more than 20 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, Susie has a Masters of Health degree and has worked for a number of years as a health coach in the corporate sector. She is also a mindfulness and yoga teacher for children and adults.

Having overcome her own challenges living with ADHD, anxiety and depression, Susie is committed to helping others to do the same. In addition to coaching adults with ADHD, Susie also works with families that have children with special needs.

Based in St Kilda outside of Melbourne, Susie is passionate about transforming the latest research on neurodiversity into practical strategies for her clients to achieve greater wellbeing and a greater sense of awareness in their lives.

Susie is the sole parent of a child with autism, and this experience has led her to develop specific resources for parents who are coping with stress related to caring for children with special needs. Drawing on her professional and personal experience, Susie provides simple ways to manage stress and find greater balance in one’s life, while also reassuring parents that they are not alone in their struggle. To learn more about her services, please visit: