In addition to therapy and coaching, there are tools that can help manage ADHD and other conditions. One of those tools, the Tangle Relax Therapy is a small toy that can have a big positive impact for those who use it – children and adults alike.

While tools like the Tangle Relax Therapy can help, you should always consult a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD or other condition. However, this simple toy can help you stay focused, be more productive and relieve stress, which makes it a great addition to any treatment you are receiving.

The Tangle Relax Therapy is a smaller version of the Tangle Therapy toy made by Tangle Creations. It can fit in one hand or can be manipulated with both hands.

ADHD Resources – Tangle Relax Therapy – Dr Mahendra Perera

You can squeeze, twist and manipulate the Relax Therapy, and it has a soft texture with rubber bumps that create an immersive tactile feeling. Many teachers have used the toy or versions of it in their classrooms to help students stay focused on the lesson at hand. While initially intended for children, the Relax Therapy has also proven helpful for adults to maintain their focus in meetings and reduce stress after long work sessions.

One note of caution is the toy has removable pieces, so it should not be used by children under three years of age as it poses a choking hazard. For those who have concerns about allergies, the material used for the Tangle Relax Therapy is a latex-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic ABS and TPR material.

Many fidget toys have only one mode of interaction. As a result, you may become accustomed to the movement. When this happens, the tool no longer serves its purpose to capture excess energy or wandering attention and help you maintain your focus. With the Tangle Relax Therapy, there are multiple modes of interaction and it has a textured surface. In this way, it may be more helpful for some people to capture their wandering attention and stay focused on the task or learning at hand.

In addition to the benefits for mental health, the toy can also help exercise your hands and reduce tension.

You can find the Tangle Relax Therapy on Tangle’s website. As of this posting, they are currently out of stock on their site. You can also find it on Amazon.