What medications are used for the treatment of ADHD in Australia?

Patients often ask me this question and many more about the types of medications which are available for the treatment of ADHD in Australia. In this post, I’m including a link to a free guide I’ve created which provides a helpful overview for those who are seeking treatment for ADHD in Australia and may consider medication as part of their treatment.

You should always see a doctor and receive diagnosis before taking any medication, and be sure to check on the side effects. This guide is provided for informational purposes only and you should check any manufacturers’ information for medications you may be taking.

Understanding Medications for ADHD in Australia

With that being said, it is helpful for patients to have a general knowledge of medications and how they can be used in the treatment of ADHD. It is worth noting that there are no ‘ADHD Medications’, rather there are medications which are prescribed for the treatment of ADHD. These medications may have other uses, and their primary use may not be for the treatment of ADHD. However, psychiatrists and physicians have found them useful in the treatment of ADHD as well.

How often should I take my ADHD medication?

Each medication has a different effect on each person and this is why it’s important to work with a medical practitioner to develop your medication routine. Your dosage and frequency may be different than someone of the same age and weight, there are other genetic characteristics at play. For some patients, genetic screening is recommended.

Is ADHD medication covered under the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefit System (PBS)?

Another frequent question I receive is whether a particular medication is covered under the the Pharmaceutical Benefit System (PBS). In the guide you will find additional details on the medications which are covered. Some important notes about ADHD medications and costs in Australia included in the guide:

● Not all medications used for the treatment of ADHD are licensed for use in Australia or covered under the Pharmaceutical Benefit System (PBS).
● Some medications may have different costs for each patient, including out-of-pocket expenses, based on whether they are covered by PBS or by a private health insurer.
● Never exceed the maximum recommended dose without discussing with your psychiatrist or prescribing doctor.

Download the Guide to Understanding Medications for the Treatment of ADHD in Australia

For patients and their loved ones who want to learn more about the medications used for treating ADHD in Australia, you can download the guide by clicking on the PDF icon below.

Download PDF - Dr Mahendra Perera

Understanding Medications for the Treatment of ADHD in Australia