After gathering a number of articles on ADHD Resources in Australia, I’m now building a list of ADHD Coaches in Australia.

Paula Burgess, Beyond the Maze

In my first article, I’m highlighting Beyond the Maze, which was founded by Paula Burgess, a mother of a child with ADHD who built a business and community around helping others in the same situation.

ADHD Coaches don’t provide medical advice, and you should always consult a psychiatrist for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. However, coaches like Paula do play a very important role in improving the lives of those with ADHD, their family members, partners, friends and coworkers.

What happens when you’ve received diagnosis, treatment and even medication? What tools are available to help manage ADHD in your daily life and work? That’s where ADHD coaches play a vital role.

Paula Burgess did not intend to become an ADHD coach, in fact, she holds a degree in Business Finance. However, when her son was diagnosed with ADHD, she found her true calling, and has been supporting other families through her business Beyond the Maze ever since.

Beyond the Maze is dedicated to:

Providing a safe and supported environment for people and families living with ADHD by way of physical and online support groups, advocacy coaching and more.

While Paula provides coaching to people with ADHD and families who are coping with ADHD, she also works to advocate for the compassionate recognition of people with ADHD all across Australia. In addition she maintains a collection of free ADHD resources at Beyond the Maze.

Paula is based in Brisbane and also coaches online, so she is available to people across Australia seeking help managing ADHD in their everyday lives. Paula’s specialty is working with parents of children with ADHD but she also coaches adults with ADHD (and the partners of those adults).

As the name of her business implies, Paula helps those with ADHD, and their immediate loved ones and friends to find some sense of order in what can, at times, feel like a stressful situation. To learn effective coping strategies, and more ways to your life with ADHD, visit Paula’s website by clicking here or one of the links above.