There are a plethora of online resources on how to cope with ADHD, including resources which are geared specifically for adults or children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. To save you time and effort, in this article, I’ve compiled a list of resources that will help you better manage ADHD in your daily life.

These resources are not intended as a replacement for treatment or medication, they are intended to help you make it through your day to day tasks more easily.

1. MindTools – Excellent resource for management skills

MindTools provides a range of resources that will help you develop and improve your leadership, strategy, communication, and time management skills. Their website offers free workbooks and guides you can download as well as low cost membership options.

2. Time Timer – Electronic and actual timekeepers

Having a timer going can help you stay focused on your work. Time Timer offers timers and tools to help you stay productive at home and word.

3. Solden, Frank, and Associates – Site for women with ADHD

At Solden, Frank & Associates’ website one will find professional advice and information on various topics related to ADHD, with a particular focus on women with ADHD. Presentations, interviews, and audiobooks are some of the resources on ADHD available.

4. TextExpander – Catching your thoughts

TextExpander allows you to save snippets of text from email, documents and other sources. Then, when you are creating new content, you can easily insert those pieces of text. It helps keep you productive and reduces redundancy in your work while ensuring your communications are consistent.

5. WatchMinder – Timing watches

The WatchMinder was invented by a child psychologist who specializes in attention and learning disorders. It’s a vibrating wristwatch that discretely reminds you of times and tasks throughout the day.

6. ADDitude Magazine’s ADHD Experts Podcast

I’ve featured ADDitude Magazine before, and their podcast is another great resource. They have interviews with experts covering a wide range of topics including practical tips for managing ADHD in your daily life.

7. Francesco Cirillo – Time management training and tools

Francesco Cirillo offers tools, techniques, books, and courses to improve your productivity, project management and time management skills.

8. Focusmate – Virtual coworking to increase productivity.

Focusmate - ADHD Resources Dr Mahendra Perera

Focusmate offers a service to help you stay productive by using the power of accountability. You are paired with an ‘accountability partner’ in virtual sessions that help keep you on task and directed towards your goals.